We provide our <3D> models in IDL sav-file format, which can be simply loaded/restored in IDL.

You can download all <3D> models in a single zip-archive here: Below you can choose individual files.

We provide also some IDL routines for plotting the <3D> models. In HowTo we explain the data handling in IDL in detail. The sav-files contain the

  • mean value,
  • standard deviation,
  • rms, median,
  • min & max

for both the complete layer and split in up- and downflows.

<3D> Models

These are the unaltered <3D> models shown in the Stagger-grid publications:

Note that in these models the effective temperature deviates slightly (<50 K) from the aimed values, since the Teff is an outcome of the simulation.

For Stagger-grid interpolation

For convenience of interpolations in the Stagger-grid, we provide also models with corrections in the effective temperature.

CDS repository

We published the <3D> models also in the public CDS archive in text format. An IDL routine for reading the text files is also provided (, so that you can convert the data into your own format of convenience.

We caution against the unconsidered use of averages on geometrical depth for line formation calculations!!!